Domestic 3D Printing

This DIY 3D printer design combines many features seen on other popular printers but features an exterior casing of molded plastic and wood veneer that is aesthetically more suitable for use at home. An optional iPhone connection also offers a quick read of statistics, progress, temperature and other data. It’s a glimpse into what the take-home 3D printer of the future might look like if/when they are ever available. Fingers crossed!

Designer: André Dettler


  • Tig3rch3n says:

    DIY Prototypprinter already exist…
    Just use Google and look for “Reprap” or “Makerbot”

    The newest any easyest Reprap is the Prusa for about 600€

  • Rawwhale says:

    Designing a plastic cube with cheesy wood veneer for an existing product isn’t design.

    Get a job doing renderings but please don’t become a designer.

    Also, how is this DIY? You could have made the 3D printer print its own casing, that would have been sick.

  • Looks sort of retro, but to be honest not the classiest design. I like the idea that you can connect via smartphone though 🙂

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