Colors for Health

This is going to get a little hippie and spiritual so hold on. It’s common to focus on emotions while ignoring or having any awareness of what that goes on inside our body. This lack of understanding between the two can lead to health problems, for serious. So if we could keep track of how our emotions and bodies relate, what would that look like?

This portable device lets the wearer express emotions with colors by correlating them with biometric data. The idea is to create another way to externalize how we feel in a language anyone can understand. Someone walking down the street with flash red might be upset, in a hurry, or angry. A computer keeps track of your colors, sort of a diary of emotions that can be turned into choreographed motion graphic pieces.

It’s an esoteric concept but one grounded in scientifically proven models. We all react to colors and in most cases, can assign specific colors to a range of human emotions. I’d love to see this concept come to fruition.

Designer: Sara Forsmark