Poncherello’s New Safety Helmet

So, you are working on your aunt’s house refurbishing project and you want to look like a total space-person, yes? -Me too. I am working on my aunt’s house refurbishing project, and if I were working on the roof and didn’t mind looking like a big fan of “Chips,” I’d pick Michael Oosthuizen’s new safety helmet concept any day.

Designer Michael Oosthuizen says that his concept “features an adaptive inner padding structure, impact protection, eye protection, hearing protection, and radio communication with compact design providing minimal opportunity of catching on external objects.”

Full padding, eye and ear protection, and radio communication is great; what kind of project would need all of these protections that wouldn’t also need a full body suit of armor? And yet, it is time for the ol’ safety helmet to get a leg-up, don’t you think? I’m sure some, or MOST of the construction workers I know would be against it. And I bet a few New York sidewalk workers wouldn’t stand for the full-body of this helmet messing with their beautiful locks.

*Also, all re-posters, especially Kanye West, this helmet concept isn’t really called “Poncherello’s New Safety Helmet,” that’s just the name we gave it for maximum entertainment.

Designer: Michael Oosthuizen