Trendy Braille Eyewear

The Braille Sight concept is simple and fashioned as trendy eyewear. The system captures images using the glasses frames (Frame of Sight) and then syncs it to the lenses (Braille Pad) as tactile images in Braille. The wearer can comfortably “see” their surroundings, in spite of being sight impaired. The only issue I can think about here, is the response that the tactile system has to the ever changing landscape. What do you say?

Braille Sight is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Seungwoo Kim & Harim Lee


  • Jimmy C says:

    That’s actually a pretty smart idea! To the landscape question, maybe you could have a sort of shutter button on the Braille pad?

  • Ryan says:

    Why would this go on your face? And you claim that the only issue you see is that the landscape would constantly change, how about the whole issue of how this will work AT ALL? Is this camera-responsive, on-the-fly pop-up braille technology some secret that I just haven’t been let in on yet? Or are just totally ignoring the tech gap here like I suspect?

  • Doubt me says:

    Does the braille respond to lights?
    How about in day light?
    Too weak for an idea.

  • Hunter says:

    Dude, it’s just a design concept. It doesn’t even exist yet.
    Calm the fuck down.

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