Real Physical Tweets

Microbloggers rejoice, Marc Owens has made a machine that makes it possible to update your status offline. The Receipt Clock’s only function is to keep the time and date and print it out at the click of a button. The slip of paper you receive, plus a thought on your part, and you’ve got tweets that you can paste to the streets.

Do what you wish with your Receipt Clock receipts, I’ll be sticking them to lampposts and electrical boxes.

A moment in time stuck in space.

Receipt Clock’s designer Marc Owens has this to say, “This product allows for a more private interaction with time. The faceless clock only tells the time when the user presses the central button, the clock then prints the time and date on to the internal roll of paper, the result of which is deposited from the front slot so the user can tear it off and keep it. The ‘time receipt’ also has a series of printed lines which allows space for the user to write a personal message which is significant to that particular moment in time.”

A wondrously simple machine for the note leavers and artistically inclined.

Designer: Marc Owens