Designed for Poverty

If you’ve been struggling for ideas in our design for poverty contest or wondered how design can help those in poverty then perhaps a little bit of inspiration is in order. Recent Coventry University graduate Daniel Sheridan has successfully developed, and deployed the “Energee-Saw” through his company PlayMade Energy. The mission of PlayMade Energy is to bring renewable electricity to schools in the developing world through the fun of play. In 2007 Daniel spent his summer volunteering in Kenya helping to build and teach at a primary school. When he returned to his degree he undertook research into developing a product that was based on the “positive aspects of an African community”. The Energee-Saw generates electricity as a by-product of play with 5-10 min of use sufficient to power a classroom for an evening. It is provided to the community in kit form and sourced from local materials. Ultimately Daniel wishes to design an entire playground of different pieces of equipment that can generate electricity.

Designer: Daniel Sheridan