This fashion brand uses A.I. and 3D scanning to tailor clothes to perfectly fit your body

It isn’t often that you hear the words A.I. And Tailor together in the same sentence, but the guys at Element Pure have found a pretty remarkable, new area of intervention for artificial intelligence. Using the power of A.I. to bring together the worlds of Fast Fashion and Fitted Fashion, Element Pure is readying a service that can tailor shirts custom-fitted to your body, by simply creating a 3D model of your torso using photographs.

The procedure is incredibly simple, and beats having to make an appointment with your tailor for hour-long fitting sessions and getting entangled in measuring tape. Element Pure’s AI tailor needs just two things from you. A front profile and side profile photograph, taken with a standard A4 sheet kept on the floor as reference. Using those two photographs, Element Pure can generate a 99% accurate 3D model of your torso, which the AI Tailor uses to take measurements. The result is a perfectly fitted shirt that’s been designed specifically for you. You can even pick between slim, regular, and relaxed fits, as well as choose your shirt length, depending in whether you wear your shirts tucked or untucked. The AI does the job in minutes that a tailor would take hours or even days to, with no propensity for error. The fitted, tailor-made shirt delivers to your doorstep, giving you the convenience of fast fashion, with the custom-fitting of something your tailor would make for you.

Element Pure’s ability to quickly and easily create custom-designed shirts allows it to deliver better fitting clothes than those you’d pick up off some website, and faster than going to a tailor to get yourself measured every time. The AI even allows you to monogram your shirt with your initials right on the pocket, and customize your shirt further by choosing the fabric or the buttons. Element Pure’s innovative approach to fashion goes above and beyond just the AI tailor. The fabrics used to craft Element Pure’s shirts are woven from eucalyptus pulp rather than cotton, resulting in clothes that keep you cool, resist odors, wrinkles, and are arguably more comfortable and breathable than cotton… even the Huffington Post agrees! The fabric, named TENCEL, is developed in Austria through the ethical farming of organic PEFC certified eucalyptus wood, in a non-toxic, renewable way. Apart from Tencel, Element Pure offers the choice of bamboo-fabric, linen, silk, and the classic cotton. The innovative fitting system brings the power of custom-made clothes to the masses, allowing you to order and own clothes that are always made-to-measure… pair that with the Tencel fabric and you’ve got a shirt that doesn’t just look great, it feels great too! All thanks to an artificially intelligent tailor.

Designer: Michael Chen

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AI Tailored Nanotech Dress Shirt with Infinite Customization

Pick your own unique performance dress shirt, then use your phone to 3D scan your body for an amazing fit.

Stand out from the crowd with infinite ways to customize & personalize your shirt.

– Fit Options: Slim, Regular, and Relaxed
– Length Options: Tucked and Untucked
– Trim: 12 trim fabrics to choose from to line the inner collar and sleeves
– Monogram: 3 typeface options, 3 locations, up to 5 characters
– Placket: French, Hidden, Regular
– Fabric: Over 40 to choose from, with more unlocked via stretch goals
– Button & Thread: 16 buttons of various colors and styles to make your shirt special

Custom Fit To Your Body

Partnering with MagicWeaver, the team brings you the fastest, easiest, and most accurate custom tailoring process ever. Instead of taking hours to get measured at a local tailor, simply use their app to do it in minutes.

The beta version of the app is available on the iOS and Android app stores.

Over 50 Fabrics to Choose From

Signature Nanotech Fabric

The fabric of choice is made with TENCEL, an ultra sustainable nanotech fiber engineered in Austria. Tencel is 100% natural and completely made from organic PEFC certified eucalyptus wood through a non-toxic and renewable process. It’s full of awesome features, making our dress shirts a breath of fresh air to wear.

Tencel uses only a single organic and biodegradable solvent during its 100% non-toxic “closed-loop” manufacturing process. This special process received the “European Award for the Environment” for its better than 99.7% recovery rate of all solvent used in the manufacturing process. Unlike cotton, Tencel requires no bleaching or any other chemical processing during production.

Bacteria thrives on body moisture and sweat. Element Pure’s nanotech fabric absorbs and locks all the moisture away inside nano capillaries, so germs can’t access the water, discouraging odor caused by bacteria growth and preventing sweat from patching and staining at the surface. Feel fresh all day all night.

– Other natural fibers in our collection
– Silk: Soft, light, smooth and breathable.
– Cotton: Classic, comfortable and highly durable.
– Linen: Super breathable and highly durable, great for super hot days.
– Bamboo: Ultra fast growing and renewable. Smooth silky shirts that hardly wrinkle.

Fabric Options

The Easiest Tailoring Process

The AI based app uses computer vision and machine learning to recognize the 2 photos you take and transforms them into a 3D model by relating them to the real life environment around you in the photos.

MagicWeaver is a team of former Dreamworks 3D VFX developers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists. They’ve combined these unique skills to create a technology that integrates AI, 3D graphics and computer vision to turn your photos into the world’s most accurate model of your body.

Super efficient precision manufacturing. Your shirts are precision cut to your measurements with pinpoint accuracy. We optimize our cut patterns so that more fabric is used and less is thrown away.

How to Use The App

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $179 ($60 off).