The Age of Aquarius… in Sprinkling

While automatic lawn and crop sprinklers have existed for some time, the Aquarius takes automatic watering to a new level. While current automatic sprinklers activate on a time-based schedule, Aquarius detects moisture levels in the soil and waters according to changing conditions. No more sprinkling in rainstorms for you!

As its designers, Aydin Oztoprak and Ozgur Ruhi Ulvan put it: “According to the soil, crop and weather characteristics [Aquarius] automatically adjusts the water flow. It is solar powered and remote managed. With its humidity sensors attached to its shaft, it detects the humidity at different levels of soil. Aquarius aims to deliver most efficient way of irrigation as agricultural irrigation consumes most of world`s water resources. Although it is an professional outdoor equipment Aquarius combines style, technology and functionality in its design.”

Although you may be frowning at those garage-sale pipe-colors, you’ll love the way Aquarius does business. And solar powered is always a plus. It seems as though it could hook to regular hosing, also, so the cost of these would probably be on the low side. I’d suggest that the next step is making them plantable, so that the solar panels are the only visible part and I could continue mowing my lawn, now that it’s forever perfectly watered, green and lush.

Aydin Oztoprak and Ozgur Ruhi Ulvan, can we get these produced by next summer?

Designer: Aydin Oztoprak & Ozgur Ruhi Ulvan