Hitch a Free Ride

A belt with three GIANT suction cups for you to hitch onto anything. That’s exactly what the Hitch concept is by designer Robert Nightingale. He believes in a free world where opportunistic travelers just latch themselves onto moving vehicles. The triple load vacuum suction cups are strong enough to keep you from flying off. As the designer puts it. . .

For best results position yourself at traffic lights, railway stations or air hangers. Subtly wait for the opportune moment (which is precisely 7 seconds before the initial point of acceleration) and attach the product as firmly as possible to the host vehicle (a brief run up usually does the trick), paying attention to ground clearance for ones feet and enjoy the ride…

Designer: Robert Nightingale


  • Conall says:

    Hilarious idea! And when you want to get down from the vehicle???


  • Cameron says:

    I was going to say I wouldn’t recommend doing this without shoes… then I realized.. I wouldn’t recommend doing this ever..at all… Fun Idea tho.

  • deanween8 says:

    pushes the idea to a whole new level of “WOW COME ON….”

  • shoovi says:

    Wow pretty ass 😉

  • zippyflounder says:

    ok I am up for a laugh in the morning, and this did it. Robert this (even if you were crazy enought to want to) wont work for so many reasons.

    1 dirty autos/trucks…oppps you sliding
    2 engage/disengage slap yourself on, but how to get off?
    3 harness would cut you in two over a short span of time, ever see a repelling rig?

    oh well you got a lovely model in the picture, thats something.

  • yup says:

    I’ve always wanted my hands free to surf the web on my iPhone while I plunge 4 toilets at once. I’d buy it in a heartbeat..


    • powers says:

      Are you f%^#king kidding me?
      Between the post and the “” comment, this is by far the hardest I have ever laughed here at YD.

  • enoo says:

    Ahah, excellent. But it must be scary to use.
    It looks inspired by Snow Crash ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_crash ), where couriers use magnetic harpoons to hitch on vehicles.

    • zippyflounder says:

      at least with a electro magnet you dont have the worry about dirt, and can turn it on/off…much better “solution”…got to admit this is a laugh fest 🙂

    • Arkadeen says:

      Which ripped the idea from back to the future and the board hitching.

  • charles says:

    maybe with extra strong electromagnet you might be able to stick yourself on a plane..wow thats cheaper than ryanair 😀

  • No says:

    That’s hilarious and check out the other entries for the Fiat Design competition that this was entered:


  • Sorzante says:

    I don’t even begin to think so. This sounds cool in theory, but in practice so many things could go wrong, it boggles the mind.

  • GIZ says:

    These would sell well over in India.

  • rrwakc says:

    nice one, too bad it wont come to production. If it does, I,m gonna get myself one of this

  • carl says:

    insulting to the masses of people who have lost loved ones on the roads, and to the designers of automotive safety.

    grow up?

  • Mark says:

    I prefer using my Velcro-padded suit and running up to fat people with wool sweaters. Most of the time they don’t even notice me while I have a smooth ride on their shoulders.

  • Elros says:

    Wowcow that’s so cool!!!

    You’re amazing

  • webbwylder says:

    Neal Stephenson used this idea for one of his messengers in Snow Crash I think. Messengers hitching with suction cups.

  • iSH says:

    Bad bad bad idea, first of all what if you MISS.

    I dont even need to think of a ‘second of all’ after the ‘first of all’. The whole concept is incredibly incredibly dangerous and not only that im pretty sure it would cause hip injuries.

  • ben fox says:

    The Neal Stephenson concept does allow for changing your ride mid-trip. Maybe if some of the big glass-lifting suction cups were used, with a release. or some rare-earth magents with a manual disconnect.

    Or maybe a whole pod that clips to a train or big truck. inflatable sleeping arrangements. maybe camoflaged as a fuel tank, or toolbox.

    A hammock under airplane wings?
    Whole cabins that clip to ocean liners/freighters?

    A boat pulled by a sheet of cloth in the wind?

    Bring it.( or is it bring me??)

  • ben fox says:

    on closer inspection, this bit of gear is just a belt. it would slide up and suffocate the user.

    the harness needs to be a sit harness, like for rockclimbing or such.

  • zen says:

    Since Hitch is a concept design for 2008 Fiat Design Competition “Smiles From A to B”. The competition called for concept design that “create maximum smiles”. I never think it will be produce, it a concept idea.

    Just respect the idea and “smile”.

  • BLG says:

    This is an amazing design. I would so buy this is you could just answer a few simple questions:
    First how do you get off once you are attached.
    Second someone mentioned being cut in half, would that happen?
    Third what the F*** was going through your midn when you came up with this retarded idea???

  • Jman says:

    What a beautiful design! If only more people thought and put to use such God given talents. What the F#?! is wrong with some people with their stupid ideas. I’m sure your idea will be seen in the future. Keep up the good work

  • santiago says:

    you would slide through the belt, it would have to be a harness, I’m not sure who would do this apart from me a James Bond, i like it its very creative.

  • MindChamber says:


    for best results stand in front of a van, jump up in the air, take snapshot, motionblur in photoshop,

  • Ashley says:

    did anybody think about the fact that the car may not be going where you want to go? what if you hitched a ride in New York on a car driving back to the back farms of Pennsylvania? plus, you can’t exactly just hop off when you get where you want, especially in the middle of a road. hmm..just a few issues there.
    cool idea though, at least it’s different.

  • Juan LesCarr says:

    Here is my version of the carpoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkCq6MPll-o

  • Slrman says:

    I did this when I was about 6 by jumping onto the rear bumper of slow moving cars and hanging on but below the level seen by the rear view mirror.

    But after my parents caught this act, I was “convinced” of the wisdom of not doing it again. AT least not where I could be caught. 😉

  • manzi says:

    the potential for lulz is strong in this one.. imagine the youtube hits..

  • manzi says:

    the potential for lulz is strong in this one.. imagine the youtube hits..

  • Alvin says:

    Dear Robert Nightingale,

    Please do not call yourself a Designer.

  • Alvin says:

    Dear Robert Nightingale,

    Please do not call yourself a Designer.

  • Jessicakun says:

    Hi I am Jessica. I thought to start this thread here to say hi to everyone

    I have been a very long time lurker of http://www.yankodesign.com and thought it is time to register and say hello! I am looking forward to becoming an active poster on here!
    ~Bye Jess

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