The Easy Plug Switch

Switch Socket has multiple useful facets all in one go. The design makes it easy for you to glide in the plug, and the rotary switch ensures that you exercise the good sense of switching off a plugged appliance, when not in use. This saves you the trouble of yanking out a plug! LED lights round the socket passively remind you that you can save energy. What I like most about the lock and rotate feature is that it kinda makes it a child-safe socket, unless your kid is over smart and work his way around this one too!

Switch Socket is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designer: Liang Li-Hsin


  • Erik Moen says:


    In no particular order:
    * LEDs are not passive. LEDs waste power. Yes, they waste less power than antique lightbulbs, but they still waste power.
    * If you have to somehow move your hand to the socket, it doesn’t “(…)saves you the trouble of yanking out a plug!” in any reasonable way.
    * The locking feature seems neat at first, until you remember why sockets aren’t lockable. In short, it would cause a lot of fires.
    * It is possible i don’t really understand the locking part, but the alternative interpretation is that it is completely meaningless.

  • Teto says:

    2012, the year of easy plug switch!

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Erik Moen: You make good points, although it doesn’t mean this design is meaningless. It just needs some tweaking.

  • Ryan says:

    LEDs remind you to save energy by…..wasting energy?

  • Kevin says:

    Erik I respectfully disagree.

    1. The LED here appears to be off when the plug is switched to the off position, no waste of energy. Plus the energy required to power an LED that size when on is minimal. But how about just a Red and Green dot. It would work just as well.

    2. Yes you still have to reach your hand out to turn the switch but since the cord is already plugged in you do not have to waste time plugging it in. This would be great if your outlet is behind a piece of furniture which made finding the plug holes difficult.

    3. How does this design “cause a lot fire”? I dont see that. I believe the write-up just mean that if you turn the outlet to the off position and Joey stick a pork in the plug he is not getting fried. Which is nice, considering I did just that when young. IT WAS FUNNY FEELING!!!!

    In conclusion I love this idea and would buy a couple of dozen for my house if sold. And priced right.

  • Hunter says:

    Just buy a Belkin WeMo.

  • jovit32 says:

    How thus the plug be locked by just twisting it? I really don’t know..

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