A Watch That Makes You Smarter

Ten years back, if someone said the word Smartwatch, you’d probably think they were talking about a smart looking wristwatch. Like a dashing timepiece. Now even while that previous definition is dying, given how tech has reinvented the smartwatch, the V02 by Void Watches still adheres firmly to the older definition. The V02 is a seriously slick looking timepiece that comes with a square dial, but a rectangular half-face. It gives the watch a certain memorable character, as well as retains some mystery… just like your personality!

Reading the time is easy to get the hang of. The hands come in red and white variants. Just match the color of the hand with the color of the numbers on the dial and voila! You’re a chronometrically-capable, dashing looking homo sapient!

The V02 may stand apart in style, but it does cater to personal tastes as well. The dials are available in Black, Silver, and Gold, whereas the straps come in metallic as well as leather variants. Go ahead, choose a watch that makes YOU look smart!

Designer: David Ericsson

Buy It Here: $224.99 $325.00