d°light Huggable Review. I Miss My Glowworm

Diana Lin Design LLC designs and manufacturers award-winning products that push the boundaries of innovative design techniques such as their dºlight Huggable pillow. How excited was I when I opened a package to a glowing pillow!

You may have seen it making the rounds in blogs and magazines a few months ago but actually touching one and squishing it is a different experience. The shell is just a thick mesh fabric holding in an armful of silicon gel balls each with its own LED. There’s a pull string in the back to turn on the lights. It’s powered by a couple of AA’s but also comes with a small ac adapter.

Impractical? Just a little. Although it’s soft, it’s much heavier than a normal batting stuffed pillow but that’s not the point. It’s more decor than functional pillow – something to slink on the couch whenever guests visit. It’s definitely a conversational starter inviting curiosity with oohs and ahhs. Everyone wants to touch it as they try to figure out what’s inside.

To my surprise the pillow doesn’t get hot. In fact it doesn’t even get warm. After all, LEDs produce a lot of heat but these are low powered so it seems that negates any awkward sensations. It also seems to last quite awhile. I’ve left the pillow on 48 hours straight on batteries and it’s still as bright as ever.

Design like this doesn’t come cheap. $160 is pricey but they do come in a range of colors. I like it but I just wish it were softer, closer to a plush pillow. I’m a sucker for anything that glows tho so if you’re like me, shelling out a little cash for something like this is, as Martha Stewart puts it, “a good thing”.

Designer: Diana Lin [ Buy It Here ]