Sweeping Your Junk Under the Table

This table by Quentin Vaulot and Luiza Barroso attempts to visualize the creative process as it progresses from chaos to order.  Designed for creative professionals to store materials, notes, and tools underneath, the top surface upsets our often too linear thinking.  Esoteric design concepts aside, the utility of the table’s network of caging just begs to be filled with a trove of modern gadgets, if not the tangle of cords that go with them.

Designer: Quentin Vaulot & Luiza Barroso


  • Good idea !! This one will be helpful to me when I want to hide something 🙂

  • Long Tran says:

    This desk is so me. The mass of cables on my desk are looking for a home.

  • justin says:

    i was a bit disappointed after the first pic… i was looking for the shapes of the table to open up on top and snap closed like a modular cabinet.. but then i find everything hanging underneath like a mess of stalactites. no deal

  • zippyflounder says:

    ummm no, the “storage” area is just going to create a useless tangle, and come on the idea of messing with the table top has been done to death. How about creating the illusion of multi planes on the table top but with the reality of its still flat useful space…hummmm?

  • Tony says:

    I saw this design at http://www.style.ws , seems they have got better images than here.

  • powers says:

    Yeah. I would definitely not go for that.

    why not just raise that end of the table up and slide all the clutter in that way, then just cover it with a door.

    No way i would put up with bending over and hunting through that mess. forget it.

  • victor fortuna says:

    it´s a good example of what NOT to do in terms of design.
    i´m from Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, and it seems like it would remind me of Niemeyer´s architetural work.
    But i agree with Power: no way this desk could optimize your work.
    Better take an old door and put some bricks for support it….
    iT´S SOOO modern(?) design !!!
    ok.back to work…
    have a nice day.

  • Weela says:

    The lumpy side is useless tabletop space.

  • Weela says:

    The lumpy side is useless tabletop space.

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