Float on to Sleep

This design was inspired after Max Longin, mathematician and designer, had been sitting on a suspension bridge and noticed the nice, calming movement the bridge produced-a perfect sensation to fall asleep to. Float is held in place by four stainless steel cords that are connected to a frame of wooden rods and steel bows which can support a weight of up to 2645 lbs.The bed is available in ash, beech, cherry, elm, maple, oak or walnut woods. Easily assembled and dismantled thus allowing for easy transport to anywhere you need to go. Float is available at a starting price of $6200. The rocking movement of Float bed is sure to whisk you off to dreamland.

Designer: Max Longin


  • zippyflounder says:

    got to say i love this piece, the concept, the detail and construction…now that price however is YIKS…think i will head off to the shop and bang one out for 1/5 the price…….(plagerisim is the sincerest form of flattery after all). I would think you would need to keep it about 18 inches away from any wall, just in case your a ummmmm spirted “sleeper”. Truthfully, its a great piece, but damn thats a lot of coin.

  • carl says:

    so if you or your partnet rolls over in the night you are rocking about for 10 minutes after. nice!

  • enoo says:

    Well, the steel cords are short, attached to the 4 corners: even if there’s a movement, it won’t have much amplitude. On the other hand, it will certainly have a much higher frequency (too many movements/minute) than a suspension bridge, and thus won’t be “calming” at all.

    But I still like the way it looks 🙂

  • Jason says:

    This is a nice design. I have a similar idea, still just a figment of my imagination, but you beat me to it, and I must say this is beautiful. Probably right about the swinging a little too fast comment.

  • Turcco says:

    so good idea. i wanna sleep on it.

  • kc! says:

    …and what if you want to do it to someone? Floor always works I guess…

  • Sadiq says:

    The Best Design i have seen ever of a bad, please let me know where i can buy this bad ?

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