The Visual Assistance Card

Imagine being blind for a minute, and you have to go to the store to pick up a few things. You have everything in your basket ready to be checked out and since you have no cash in your pocket, you whip out the old trustworthy debit card. However, since debit/credit card machines have pretty much gone all digital, you will have to trust the clerk to help you with entering your private information. Yeah, pretty scary huh? Kyle Lechtenberg, an Industrial Design grad from Auburn University – WAR EAGLE! – placed himself in the shoes of the visually impaired and has created the Visual Assistance Card. The card lays on top of the debit/credit card reader and through the use of Braille imprinted on the card, the user is able to keep their personal information private thus increasing their independence while shopping in any store. The Visual Assistance Card is light weight and can be easily stored out of the way until future use. Definitely designed for usability – a must in today’s world.

Designer: Kyle Lechtenberg