A Caffeine blast from the past


Since the meteoric rise of instant coffee, people haven’t quite brewed coffee the old-fashioned way in a while. And no, an automated espresso machine using ground coffee isn’t really the old-fashioned way either. The folks at Continuum decided that maybe it was time to bring the Ye Olde style of brewing coffee back. The Crema Coffee Robot 1986, a result of that endeavour, is a coffee pump with an aesthetic that reminds me of Alessi’s old days.

The process is super simple. Raise the piston to expose the filter chamber. Place the coffee grounds in said filter chamber. Next, fill the upper reservoir with piping hot water and clamp down. Lower the lever so that the water is pushed through the ground coffee. Don’t forget to put your cup underneath to gather the espresso, or you’ll be in a steamy mess!

The Crema Coffee Robot 1986 won a Red Dot Award for the year 2015.

Designer: Continuums Ltd.