Skeletal Seating

Street artist turned industrial designer, Geert Decock’s latest work is this incredible chair that finds a delicate balance between form and function. Bent from a single sheet of aluminum, the Backbone chair is supported by a single tube located where the seat and backrest meet, providing it with not only added security, but a nice bounce when you sit down! 

Designer: Geert Decock


  • Jimmy C says:

    Huh. That’s actually pretty clever, but I’m not sure if it would hold a person. Good metalworking, in any case!

  • larry says:

    good work and nice idea,
    but it looks really weighty, and also dangerous if you accidentally hit that chair in normal life.
    I think you can do holes in the body to make become the chair lighter and you can round a little more the angles.

  • Johnny says:

    I see pinches and blood blisters in the future of whomever sits in this chair.

  • luther_decaelum says:

    Weight problems are easily solved by building it out of aluminum. With the addition of a couple gussets under the seat, it could hold pretty much any human being.

  • Geert Decock says:

    It holds a 100 kg with ease 🙂 As tested by me!

  • Karel says:

    True story;)

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