Design Not Just Products; Design Behavior!

The Experience Recorder: here lies not only the possibility of near-perfect microblogging, but also a new meaning to the journalistic ideal of Total Coverage. The experience recorder fits on the hand and records not only photos, but sounds, movement, video, and temperature. Here you can experience the whole objective reality of a person’s experience! And, most important, it comes in a totally hot Fresh Prince color scheme!

The Experience Recorder’s designer Valeria Fuso chooses to don this product with the quote “Non si progettano prodotti, bensi comportamenti”, as spoken by the man called Godfather of Italian Design, Achille Castiglioni.*

*This quote translates roughly into “Design not just products; design behavior.” For those who love Industrial Design, please investigate Achille Castiglion; if you already know who he is, well done!

This Experience Recorder has a movement sensor, audio recorder, still-image camera, video camera, thermometer, and wireless computer connection. The Experience Recorder can record on auto mode, deciding on its own which information to collect, or on manual mode. While in manual mode, the user must activate the Experience Recorder through sensors in the fingers of the glove. For instance, if the user of the Experience Recorder is in manual mode and wishes to record video, they make their fingers into an O shape, and look through the newly formed finger-viewfinder to see what will be recorded (see pictures below to see what I mean).

I cannot help but fear such a Small Brother of a device, but the thought of “experiencing” events and places I might never get to experience otherwise- well, that’s awesome.

Designer: Valeria Fuso


  • Shiella says:

    What about adding it with phone feature. All daily used equipment in one hand.

  • rayelle says:

    i agree with the phone idea

  • RandomBlogger says:

    Although the phone idea is a good one, the purpose of this device is to help in blogging. Unless you plan to add your phone book to the blog, it really doesn’t fit the theme.

    Nice product overall. I can’t wait to get one for myself.

  • Tiffany says:

    Very cool…

  • t680 says:

    cool ! how much is it ?

  • Max33 says:

    This is a fascinating interface. I agree that a cell phone function doesn’t fit the concept, but my bid for important addition would be GPS to document locations along with the other data.

    But I like the use of hand signs as an interface. Since it captures movements, it seems to also need some kind of replay system to be able to experience the movements also.

    I’d love to play with one of these.

  • Eduard says:

    Hello Misters! Where I can buy your product and with whom I can communicate in occasion of the price.
    In advance thanks.

  • SouthWind17 says:

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  • Mr.Carrot52 says:

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