Prepare Your Nachos, Footballs, and Beer Bellies for MANVAN!

When I think of a van, I think of something a family owns: a “Soccer Mom” van, or one of those “full of crap” vans that a hectic multi-child family owns. The “Man”, as the Manvan defines it, is not one who would put up with foolish children delivering or cross-country-to-grandmother’s-house treks with family, no! The Manvan tends to to football loving man, the man who wants to watch hugescreen television in an empty parking-lot man, the strange future man!

The Manvan is fully customizable, easily accessable at the Manvan website, where you can choose from a full array of Manvan accessories and colors. As the designer, Aimee LoDuca puts it: “Manvan revolutionizes the traditional “soccer mom mini-van” and transforms it into the ultimate getaway for man, customizing its features to suite any lifestyle. Influenced by the Nissan NV200, the vans extendable back allows for the most outrageous amenities, as well as indoor and outdoor use.”

For you readers: I’ve just received my custom Manvan from Ms. LoDuca, so I will be taking a leave of absence so that I might play Diablo 3, which isn’t out yet, on the secret Chinese internet Manvan satellite in the forests of Montana, where I can be at peace.*

*Just kidding; Manvan does not yet exist, but I would not object to playing video games in the forest.

UPDATE: As you can see by the second photo photo from the bottom of this post, the Manvan is basically an alternate version of the very real Nissan NV200. Stay keen!
Thanks S.C. for the should-have-been-obvious tip!

Designer: Aimee LoDuca


  • This is an excellent post . Thanks a lot . I am grateful to you .

  • deanween8 says:

    so is the front passenger side of the mexican van in the ground?

  • This is an excellent post . Thanks a lot . I am grateful to you .

  • Keron Calame says:

    Great concept too bad it isn’t real as yet! If they could make this into a real van it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread… lol

    • zippyflounder says:

      they make vans like these all the time in CA its a huge subculture of hot rodding. I do however like the concept of it being sold online, the key presentation and the over all “wrap” of the product concept, you done good kid.

  • p says:

    this is great. I really want a minivan for its functionality but i’m honestly afraid of the social consequences in store for a dude with a minivan. It’s got a masculine style without going overboard, I could see women wanting to drive it as well. And from the looks of it, you’ve got some nice exploration into the marketing of the van.

    that being said, wtf happened on the first render? jesus christ.

  • Sylus says:

    West coast style,pimped up baby!

  • mmalone says:

    This concept is awesome. The designer obviously has serious talent…

  • dijital says:

    I would have loved to have something like this when I was doing telecom/network installation/service. It would have kept our work van from being a cluttered mess.

  • yup says:

    tailgate party for 2? when that back end is retracted its only a 2 seater, right? or does it rely on magic?

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