This kitchen cupboard’s detailed design will please Marie Kondo and Bobby Berk!

We all want a cupboard or a wardrobe that will take us to Narnia because dealing with the White Witch seems easier than dealing with this pandemic. While magic furniture may not be something we can order online, we sure hope we can get the Muzhi cupboard to make the extended hours in the kitchen more magical! Yen-Hao, Chu is an award-winning designer who has created the Muzhi cupboard for storing all your kitchenware in a way that will make Marie Kondo proud of your organization skills and Bobby Berk happy with your sense of aesthetic.

The cupboard is made of three main parts that the owner can assemble or disassemble according to their needs. The upper part of the cupboard is semi-open where the right side can be used to store tableware and the left side can be used for potted plants as it is open on three sides which allows for ample sunlight. The middle area is an open spacious section that can be used as a sideboard, a small bar counter, or a place to keep small and medium-sized appliances like a kettle, coffee maker or a toaster. Meanwhile, the lower section has a partly glazed left-hand drawer to let the owner see what’s stored inside and the large tray area on the right-hand side can be used to store pot covers or everyday utensils. Details like the solid timber handrail and hanging rails were added to provide a neat place for towels and wine glasses.

Muzhi comes in two finishes and has a simple yet elegant design that blends clean lines with the warmth of wood – a piece of evergreen furniture that will always be useful. It also makes the kitchen look more airy and spacious with the partially-open components. The modular build of this piece makes it the right fit for any kitchen but especially smaller ones that need to optimize space. Having Muzhi is definitely better than a bunch of bulky cabinets, it adds a timeless touch to your kitchen and you never have to fumble to find your dishes again.

Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu