Looks Can Be Deceiving

Consisting of 3 stools and a dining chair, the Shell seating group is designed by Sydney design group Nicholls-Scott. Looking as if they were pulled straight off of the bat-mobile, Shell furniture is made from 2.0mm sheet aluminum, which is then cut and molded for durability and strength. Nicholls-Scott design with the sole purpose of lessoning their environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Designer: Nicholls+Scott Studio


  • Ike_Skelton says:

    “made from 2.0mm sheet aluminum” doesn’t look like it in the picture

  • zippyflounder says:

    HOw is this a lower “foot print” yea the alumiuium is recycleable but the fab method and the polishint are hardly eco frendly….jeeze. Nice design, nothing new and unless thats 6061 T6 or better its going to dent damn easy.

  • carl says:

    a lot of resources would have gone into its production, where a more sustainable medium would have been just as good. this factor for me really offsets any aesthetics the product has.



  • zuy says:

    this design could be dangerous…

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