Kitchens Go All Multi-Touchscreen

Wow there’s  a word we haven’t written here in awhile; multi-touch. Say it with me class. The Miele concept is the kitchen of the future, complete with, wait for it . . . a multi-touch surface. Get the latest recipes and nutritional information as well as instructions and tips on cooking. There’s a built-in scale and the cooktop interfaces with your bluetooth enabled phone to set up grocery lists.

OMG but that’s not all. There’s also an integrated blender and a steamer. HELLO. I need this NOW. Designers Fiona McAndrew and Conor Fallon are only one step away from fulfilling my kitchen fantasies. I just need a Rosie the Robot to do it all for me and my life will be complete.

Designer: Fiona McAndrew & Conor Fallon

The interface uses capacitive multi point touch screen technology; Allowing for a truly intuitive experience , which responses only to human contact.

A built-in scale for preparation.

Through wireless bluetooth technology the interface can send a shopping list to a mobile phone. The interface can also be updated this way.

A sheet of wood can be slid into the tray exterior providing for another practical use.

For steaming small individual portions these containers fit inside a perforated metal sheet which slots into the tray, then in turn into the steamer. Also great for sanitizing baby bottles.