Kitchens Go All Multi-Touchscreen

Wow there’s  a word we haven’t written here in awhile; multi-touch. Say it with me class. The Miele concept is the kitchen of the future, complete with, wait for it . . . a multi-touch surface. Get the latest recipes and nutritional information as well as instructions and tips on cooking. There’s a built-in scale and the cooktop interfaces with your bluetooth enabled phone to set up grocery lists.

OMG but that’s not all. There’s also an integrated blender and a steamer. HELLO. I need this NOW. Designers Fiona McAndrew and Conor Fallon are only one step away from fulfilling my kitchen fantasies. I just need a Rosie the Robot to do it all for me and my life will be complete.

Designer: Fiona McAndrew & Conor Fallon

The interface uses capacitive multi point touch screen technology; Allowing for a truly intuitive experience , which responses only to human contact.

A built-in scale for preparation.

Through wireless bluetooth technology the interface can send a shopping list to a mobile phone. The interface can also be updated this way.

A sheet of wood can be slid into the tray exterior providing for another practical use.

For steaming small individual portions these containers fit inside a perforated metal sheet which slots into the tray, then in turn into the steamer. Also great for sanitizing baby bottles.


  • Kidder says:

    Include some form of media playback capabilities and you have yourself a winner. I always listen to music when I cook so having a sweet multi-touch screen to choose tracks (which I wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirty or wet) would be awesome.

  • powers says:

    multi touch + scalding surface? I want one! This has actually crossed my own mind once or twice, and is a much better concept than the multi touch cutting board concept that was up here a while back. Although in my humble opinion, it seems like the appropriate place for this application would be the fridge door. Maybe I should have just kept that little thought to myself.

  • deanween8 says:

    touching everywhere on cooking surfaces that are all glossy, fingerprinted and loaded with random cooking materials everywhere? unsanitary and hard to read whats on the touchscreen maybe?? what if the carrots just freshly sliced roll onto the touchscreen area…..does it randomly turn the afterburners to the stove on where your other hand is accidentally placed? I know it says only responds to HUMAN contact but how can it tell what is touching it without this item being 1 million buckaroos.

    • Long Tran says:

      Multi-touch screens respond to a form of static we generate in our skin when we touch anything. That’s why an iPhone only works with your finger and not a stylus. Therefor a carrot would not initiate anything.

  • sebr7 says:

    thanks long tran for clarify that for us, but my question is what about spills, water or even oil? doesn´t have problems with the cleaning? it´s just that seems to delicate for the work sometimes is presented in the kitchen than can be pretty hard

  • Allen says:

    I find that any horizontal surface is used set things on. If you put your display on a horizontal surface, you will soon be frustrated because you are always covering it up. A display should always be vertical so nothing can be put on top of it and block the displaying.. of the display.

    What would be REALLY cool to see is a “head’s up display” type backsplash.. glass, transparent backsplash that, when not displaying anything, is crystal clear but when you need info a touch of the screen brings up info.. or something could pop up when a timer expires.. or if a temperature is exceeded, etc.

  • Conor says:

    Hey folks!
    Its one of the designers here ( Conor )
    Thanks for all the suggestions, fantastic thinking on the whole concept, cheers!
    If anybody likes what they see and wants some more (I know ya do) then you can view my online portfolio @

  • OH mumma u will definitely love it. hahaha

  • Yes, I would like a kitchen yourself. I can imagine how handy it would be and how surprised guests. That would be super course.

  • Steph says:


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