Cook It Up With Silver

Cooka takes away the theory that silver is only meant for cutlery and ornamental purposes. This unique tabletop electrical cooking device uses silver in its design quite generously. Banking on its thermal conductivity properties, the cooking plates use the metal effectively to heat up the utensils fast and cool down the unit even faster.

The distinctive design of Cooka makes it resemble a table mat and quite like it, you can fold it up and stow it away, till the next cooking session. The silver plates are surrounded by tiny holes that constantly blow out a stream of hot air around the utensil, so that excess heat is not lost during cooking.

Also integrated to the plates is an electric coil for heating it. This entire setup is housed in a body of non-toxic LSR – Liquid Silicon Rubber. This is ideal because LSR can sustain itself in a range of temperatures (-60 °C to 280 °C).

Can Cooka prove it self when I cook my famous Biryani, which takes almost 2 hours to cook? I sure hope so!

Designer: Maurizio Maiorana


  • Rodrigo says:

    very nice concept and representation!

  • wow, thats technology dude

  • mute says:

    So you’re supposed to dry the plug after you washed that thing?

    Pretty dangerous conception.

    • matt says:

      i was about to say the same thing. an exposed plug on the topside is a very risky idea.

      • emschelle says:

        I don’t know if it’s that much more dangerous than, say, a tabletop griddle or plug-in skillet or anything like that that everyone’s mom’s got.

      • Ralphe says:

        If you look at the photo, you can see
        that the electrics are sealed when the
        plug is in place. You really have to be
        a real cooking slob to short this out!

  • Cromagnum says:

    If silver is the solution, then it might be better and cheaper to glue bazillions of silver nano-balls to your surface.
    1) More surface area of thermal heating
    2) Cheaper to plate a silvr surface to a lower cost substrate.
    3) More efficient steam generation from atmospheric humidity

    See Quantum Sphere for more info on source/costs

    Limitations as I see:
    1) Your LSR material spec might limit your cooking range, as browning/searing requires higher proximate temperatures.
    2) Is there a real cooking efficiency gain with the hot air feature? I think it has merit, for cooling the appliance during use and after, for quicker storage.
    3) Quick cleaning is a great feature, but will the flexible rubber cause UL problems for internal wiring over the life of the appliance?
    4) For UL, the plug would prob have to be horizontal, to prevent stuff getting in there.

  • All well and good, but with out a air gap on the bottom to allow for cooling your going to melt or heat mar most table and counter top surfaces. Oh zippy is looking for some designers and illustrators, so if you feel you have the talent drop me a line at

  • Adamski says:

    Hi Maurizio

    cool design!

    You will have some problems with the materials you have chosen, look into induction (skip the silver and its cleaning challenges!!) and you may overcome a few big hurdles concerning temeperature..also dig a bit deeper into the Ul/CE recommendations..
    how about a way of hanging it up?

    good luck


  • confucius says:

    What is there a fungal infection in the middle?

  • Granville says:

    Hmmn, interesting.

    Where can I buy it and how much?

  • Amber says:

    where do I buy this????

  • Donald Kidd says:

    As mentioned before me the idea of having a way to store it by hanging would be good. Also what temperature does the bottom reach? Heat problems might be a concern there. It would be nice if you get the stovetop to a slightly higher temperature as mentioned already for searing and braising but for most cooking it will work great. I would also be concerned about the location of the plug, probably should be underneath or horizontal.

    Would be very interested in hearing when this might go to market and approximately price point.

  • Bobby says:

    Maybe I missed it, but is there any info on if this is for sale or the cost?

    Also, is this designed to run on 220 or 110?

    If it’s for sale, where?

  • Ana says:

    hmm…what about woks? (^_^)

  • kate says:

    . .greate idea. . mind if i use it for my project? sales proposal. .

  • kate says:

    . .greate idea. . mind if i use it for my project? sales proposal. .

  • Valdirene says:

    Where can I buy
    How much

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