Cook It Up With Silver

Cooka takes away the theory that silver is only meant for cutlery and ornamental purposes. This unique tabletop electrical cooking device uses silver in its design quite generously. Banking on its thermal conductivity properties, the cooking plates use the metal effectively to heat up the utensils fast and cool down the unit even faster.

The distinctive design of Cooka makes it resemble a table mat and quite like it, you can fold it up and stow it away, till the next cooking session. The silver plates are surrounded by tiny holes that constantly blow out a stream of hot air around the utensil, so that excess heat is not lost during cooking.

Also integrated to the plates is an electric coil for heating it. This entire setup is housed in a body of non-toxic LSR – Liquid Silicon Rubber. This is ideal because LSR can sustain itself in a range of temperatures (-60 °C to 280 °C).

Can Cooka prove it self when I cook my famous Biryani, which takes almost 2 hours to cook? I sure hope so!

Designer: Maurizio Maiorana