Save the Studs

No we are not talking about saving horny horses or Richard Gere circa 1980. “Cleatskins” are basically Crocs with a friggin’ purpose other than to offend those with taste. Intended as a quick slip on protector for athletic shoes used in football, futball, baseball and golf. Greatly extending the lifespan of the spikes, cleats or studs found on the bottom of all these shoes. They also help to keep dirt and grass from tracking into your car or home. Made from SKINTEK rubber, a formulation of compression molded rubber, and come in two designs – pull-over and slip-on. They come in tons of team matching colors and will retail for about 35 US green backs. Remember: my favorite sporting teams are always better than yours. Go Team!

Designer: Rick Kay [ Product Page ] [ Via: Gizmag ]



  • TH says:

    Hmm, nice idea, just like those bladeguards for iceskates. I’m just wondering how ling these would work with spiked shoes, for instance, and how well these would fit on football shoes, which have relatively long studs. I agree with Anthony that these are an eyesore, though.

  • jbr says:

    design for thouse people that don t have were to expend their money

  • kl says:

    …or you can just change your shoes…

  • ES says:

    The concept already exists…out of the depths of a norwegian winter!
    Its rumored hey are about to release a range for women that protect high heels.

  • Alex says:

    This sort of “shoe glove” is freely available at a large number of department stores (both European and North American) and the first time I personally saw it was at least 20 years ago or so. This is a well-known idea that someone just re-invented.

  • Newton says:

    The folks from Cleatskins were at the San Diego Surf Cup soccer tournament last week. The product looks good in person, and even looks like it’s part of the shoe. It comes in tons of colors. It cost $17.95, and they are working on a version for metal cleats.

  • attila takacs says:

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  • Rob says:

    This reminds me of the OSHA Toes people where at the plant I work at. You can where a standard Tennis shoe and still have the safety of Steel Toes.

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