Herb & Spice With Dish Drying Too

Water is resource that needs to be conserved and recycled. Thus far, dish drying racks have been wasteful devices since perfectly good water drains into the sink. However, this Herb & Spice Dish Drying Rack, inspired by the design of traditional channel irrigation systems, directs the run-off water to a section in which herbs or spices, such as mint, lemon verbena or thyme, can be grown. Oh and the dish dividers kinda look like trees too. Just thought I’d throw that tidbit in.

Designer: Ran Shnaper


  • deanween8 says:

    i like it. but where is that runoff water going, i dont see a port to the plant or holes anywhere.

  • momo says:

    just one comment, POOR HERBS, you know, plants need sun, not just water, herbs especially….inspired by the channel irrigation systems…

  • TH says:

    This is just silly. A combination that is bad for both functions. Ever thought why dishes are not dried in flower pots, and why your herbs aren’t in your sink? The worts thing is this meaningless pseudo-ecological suggestion about saving perhaps half a cup of water. Producing and shipping these will never be offset by that – probably not even the server time needed for rendering these pictures.

    Yet another attempt to cash in on people’s green consciousness.

  • sebr7 says:

    I don´t like the idea of dirt that close to my clean dishes, besides plants need a drain too, i wouldn´t like that either.

  • Nan says:

    Its a good concept

    but the dirt may go on to the clean dishes…

    and I where’s the hole for the water to go?…

    btw the presentation’s not very nice…

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