That Ain’t no Lazy Susan

FAK3, which is pronounced “FAKE”, a well known design firm in Asia, are well known for their edgier and fresh designs. In a recent home design project, the owners of the home requested that FAK3 create for them a central, multifunctional area that would allow for varying activities such as dining, study, as well as entertainment. With those ideas, FAK3 created an elliptical cabinet that rotates 360 degrees. On the longer widths of the cabinet, there is housed a desk on one side and a place for the owner’s son’s electronic keyboard. On the shorter ends, you can find storage as well as a TV console. The 360 can be rotated with only the push of a finger, while creating an ever-changing ambiance to each segment of the home.

Designer: FAK3


  • Man, that thing would be annoying. Since it’s elliptical, chairs and other items left on the ground around it will be knocked into when it rotates. You’d have to walk right around it to check that there was nothing on the floor, first.

  • junior says:

    ok u guys should really start uploadin videos of this stuff.
    anyway good design- needs some improvements. but i would so want one of those

  • Jacob Slevin says:

    very interesting concept – I saw something similar to this but a kitchen Island @ ICFF 2006. It was from a European (I believe Italian) manufacturer but to this day I cannot locate it. If anyone knows of what I am thinking about – please send me info.

  • zippyflounder says:

    any bets that in a few months it just sits in one spot………………….

    • M.S.W. says:

      That’s unless the owner’s kid turns it into an improv marry-go-round 😉 (Set to the tune of the lyrics “…spin round round…like a record baby…)

  • Fagballs says:

    i dont quite see the point in it rotating but suppose its always handy thing for it to do if you do need to rotate it. Love the general concept though.

  • danielgary says:

    This is really neat, but the company’s name, FAK3, leads me to believe someone just made this up.

  • Gann says:

    rotating concept’s cool, but that thing is friggin huge. It’d be nice if you could slide it out of the way when you want your square footage back.

  • Chris says:

    It’s defenately a big fail.. It’s very ugly and huge. It makes even a large room to look like a small one and also it makes you feel like trapped! Also it has no edges, something that makes useless the most area of the furniture because you cannot place a desk or a bookcase or even a plant nearby. I would never – never place something like this nowhere. Maybe things would be a little better if it had a rectangular shape. (oval shape for what? just to look big and ugly?). I am a civil engineer and I know how important is to have a big free area in your appartment.

    PS Sorry for the big post!!
    Friendly, Chris

  • Jimmy C says:

    It is pretty big, but all you really need is a bigger room! This would actually work really nice in the basement, even better than the current setup.

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