Don’t Panic! But always have a towel

Those of you familiar with Douglas Adams will always heed his immortal warning. I suppose designer Ran Shnaper (not a Hitchiker’s character) understood these words when designing his/her design the “Towel Dish Dryer”. Intended to be used when you run out dryer rack space, this design used a standard towel that drapes over a flexible/adjustable rack frame creating an instant extension to your current drip dry technique. “Thanks for all the fish…”

Designer: Ran Shnaper

Texts from the designer:

The Towel Dish Dryer is made up of a towel that is installed on a water-resistant, metal frame that allows the user to alter its form to fit the dishes that will be put for drying. The frame allows multiple form transformations in endless ways. The Towel Dish Dryer comes with a set of three towels, in either one or various colours (according to the clients wish), which can be changed by taking one off the frame for washing and putting another one on. When not in use, the towels can be used as regular towels.