That Warm Cozy Feeling…

You are sitting at home. You have your favorite show recorded ready to go and your favorite take-out was just delivered. It’s a cold, grey night outside but you are crinkling your toes like a kitten on weed. You are about as cozy as you can be and thanks to your good design sense and ability to create your perfect habitat. Well Bumrae Jo & Zemzem Kaya want to be a contributing factor in your perfect dwelling moments. They have designed the dreadfully named “Bezpieczenstwo – Feeling secure” radiator design that hopes to reinforce your nesting tendencies by creating…well something that looks like a nest in a tree. They even threw in an incubating egg that acts as a humidifier.

Designer: Bumrae Jo & Zemzem Kaya

Texts from the designer:

Heat…what does it mean to us? What do we associate it with? For a moment we tried to leave the artefact ‘radiator’ behind us and concentrate on what is ‘radiated’ and how it affects us physically and emotionally. In other words, the design approach taken by us has a more meaningful searching character and we sought to apply our thoughts to a new shape.

The warmness of the home is creating space for our personal development, a shelter to grow, to unfold and to ‘flower’. It’s like an incubator, like a NEST where new life has its origin.