Worlds Longest Table for all Cultures

Architects always seem to be dreaming of the world’s tallest buildings, even though most people who’ve ever lived or worked in one will likely tell you they hate it. So it would not come as much of a surprise to learn that it is an architectural firm, UNStudio, behind the world’s longest table for all cultures. What is surprising however is that they managed to make it look quite down to earth considering its impressive dimensions. The concept is that it provides a modular place for different types of activities, from intimate and secluded to formal meetings for bigger groups. So how long is it exactly you ask? 55m to be exact. Pass the butter!

Designer: UNStudio


  • devon knight says:

    can someone explain how this works? What cultures are the designer thinking? What’s up with all the weird curves and drops?

    • DesignGuru says:

      I assume that the curves work so on that part you can sit face to face. I don;t know what the weird curves are. But here’s the text I found on their website:

      The table has a length of 55m and a width of 2.6m. It is designed on a modular basis, offering the possibility for use in different configurations, along with the possibility to make it shorter or longer. The modular system serves as a generic framework for adding new elements.

  • Jade Doel says:

    yeah I don’t get it either???? -___-

  • Hey it’s so long !!
    My eyes are just stared at its length…

  • TH says:

    It’s like the world’s largest pizza. Gets you the press attention when news are slow, but everyone still prefers to have their own, individual, smaller thing.

  • Shiella says:

    Is it easy to make cange on the table length?

  • Thank you very much for all your elations!
    As constructor of this table I like to give you some more exciting details:

    Production time: 19 days
    Total weight: 6000 kg
    Total amount of lacquer: 400 kg
    The most complex details are the table- legs:
    Tube- constructed and cut into diagonally single parts the whole table can be build up a several times.

    This was one of the most challenging project ever realized by our company!
    We have to thank UNStudio and Creative Team of Koelnmesse for great collaboration.

    Thomas Wegmann and Alexander Kraus; , Germany

  • Will says:

    Why that wavy section? just wondering what that could possibly be useful for. The rest of it however is amazing.

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