This range of multifunctional occasional tables eschews the usual the 4 legs for panels of 3 with the main support structure highlighted in bright red. The design allows free-from arrangement. Turn them on their sides to create whole new spaces and configurations. If you don’t move them around, you could potentially used the red support leg as a cool asymmetrical book shelf.

Designer: Cédric Ragot


  • zippyflounder says:

    not bad, in reality land that glass puppy is going to be heavy and fragile…but reality land is soooooooooooooooo boring

  • zuy says:

    i’m one of the fist fan of Cedric Ragot but not here… Rievelt is dead now …go fast again

  • fanyi says:

    how do the tow structure with different colors attached?

  • zuy says:

    it could be interessing but for the first time with cedric ragot …. i want to change the design
    where is the book shelf?

  • Neuehaus says:

    Yeah I could see this being heavy, but love it none the less, I’ll bookmark this article over at the haus:

  • The bookshelf idea is great, but I don’t think it’ll work without modification. Now if Ragot came out with the bibliophile’s version of Reverso, I’d definitely love it.

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