Creative and Friendly Environment for Fish

Those of you who know something about raising fish know that fish need plants to help them feel in their environment. Most plants found in a fishbowl or aquariums are just green and boring. Not the case with the new design by Joe Doucet. In Doucet’s new design that creates a combination of fish bowl and plant holder. The two are joined together as one but separated at the same time. The surrounding bowl can hold a goldfish or beta fish, or any other fish that doesn’t require the living environment of a huge aquarium. The inner holder allows for the placement of any type of plant or flower you wish. The plant is not dangerous to the fish, but allows the fish to continue to feel as if the plant is a part of his environment, therefore making him happy. Sticking with his “everything communicates” philosophy, Doucet has once again outdone himself with a unique and meaningful design.

Designer: Joe Doucet