Creative and Friendly Environment for Fish

Those of you who know something about raising fish know that fish need plants to help them feel in their environment. Most plants found in a fishbowl or aquariums are just green and boring. Not the case with the new design by Joe Doucet. In Doucet’s new design that creates a combination of fish bowl and plant holder. The two are joined together as one but separated at the same time. The surrounding bowl can hold a goldfish or beta fish, or any other fish that doesn’t require the living environment of a huge aquarium. The inner holder allows for the placement of any type of plant or flower you wish. The plant is not dangerous to the fish, but allows the fish to continue to feel as if the plant is a part of his environment, therefore making him happy. Sticking with his “everything communicates” philosophy, Doucet has once again outdone himself with a unique and meaningful design.

Designer: Joe Doucet


  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    I don’t know about this. Aren’t plants sort of necessary for oxygenation and overall well-being of the fish? It is bad enough that the fish is confined to such a tiny space, but making it devoid of plants?

  • adrian masters says:

    This sort of fishbowls are killing for the fish,a s they are round, and give brainkilling perspective to the animals!

    Go and look through a bended glass from within a waterfilled bassin!

  • Troy says:

    I would not put a goldfish in something like this. Goldfish need SPACE, it is a myth that they can live happily in small bowls and shrink to fit. All you do by sticking a goldfish in a small bowl is stunt its growth and guarentee a short, miserable, and possibly painful life for them.

  • Altum says:

    Those of us who know about raising fish are praying that this is a joke and sending the link to PETA just in case it isn’t. That setup is abysmally small for a goldfish and there is nowhere to put the heater for a betta. The plant is supposed to be IN the water in order to help the fish.

    • missing says:

      PETA? Seriously? Maybe that is taking it a bit far. Don’t most goldfish bowls have plastic plants. Personally, I think this is a brilliant solution to keeping both a fish and plant. I do agree that it seems a bit small as depicted here. Can they offer a larger version?

  • gu says:

    The plant in the illustration is “green and boring”. The whole thing has to be some sort of (unfunny) joke. I hope.

  • Marie says:

    The only fsh that this is big nough for is a fake fish. There’s no room for a heater or a filter.There’s no room for a live plant to grow in the tiny space provided for a plant, eiter.

  • akram says:

    i think that it’s a wonderfull work
    well done
    2 sorts of life in 1 place

  • Andrew says:

    The fishkeeping world is absolutely saturated with products like this… people congratulating themselves for solving “problems” without knowing a thing about what they’re designing for. Typically the problems they solve are problems they invented in the first place.

    The form is kind of nice, but the function is crap. I think both aspects need to be successful for this product to be worth any attention here.

  • Avin says:

    i do not agree with this design… it contradicts the write up….. Nature is now separated…. no longer holistic… the plant… don’t contribute or benefit from the fish, and vice versa , which is not how nature works…

    the fish… now have less space to swim… and the plant has less place to grow….
    It is soo manmade….
    I suppose a better alternative that still works on this design’s principal would be for the plant area sink beneath the fish area… so now it forms something like this (___) + — ‘ ‘– = (–‘ ‘–)
    the centre portion –‘ ‘– could be made of a permeable glass which will allow water and air into the soil
    and the fish’s poo poo will decompose and seep through into the soil… air can interact with the water and the plant will have more space to grow…. maybe a tunnle in the centre core so the fish can swim through it…

  • Bryan says:

    Agreed, the plant should be in the water with the fish…

    That’s as far as I go though, those of you who mentioned the word PETA should check the facts. Fish don’t need filters and plants, if they need oxygen and can’t get it in the water they go up top and sip some air. The filter helps cut down on the amount of bacteria in the tank so you, the lazy human, doesn’t have to clean it as often. As far as the confined space, go down to your local pet store and check out the gladware that they have the little buggers in when you buy them. To the brilliant writer who said that fish don’t shrink…bravo, you made me feel smarter.

    • Luiz says:

      Bryan, unfortunately it’s you who need’s to check on the facts! Think more, or at least do some research before you say something as stupid as this! The only kind of fish who can take air gulps is the betta, ’cause of the labyrinth organ it has. As for the fishes kept in small aquariums in pet-shops, either is lack of knowledge by the owner or a temporary tank. Goldfishes such as the kingio in the pitcure really need filtration…And no, fish do not shrink! I do not like PETA, but as fish breeder i’m very tempted to do so! What a stupid creation!
      As a designer as well i’m feeling ashemed for having such a ignorant fellow designer.

  • Nikitas says:

    Wow, SUCH CONTROVERSY! First of all, if you feel the need to shit all over a design concept because of speculated cruelty to the animal in question, then you’re on the wrong website. This is a DESIGN website… whose subtitle is ‘form beyond function.’ Hello! If you want to poopoo design and rally for animal rights, go vomit your granola while stomping around in your Birkenstocks ELSEWHERE. You people are bent on pragmatism, to the detriment of aesthetics; how tacky! If it were up to you, we’d all be wearing muumuus and living in tents, you frumpy hippies.

    • hartigan says:

      Nikitas: This people are worse than Hippies. I hope they don’t have kids. Can you imagine what would be like…

  • lerche says:

    nice way to kill fishes…

  • Richard says:

    Fish don’t need plants or filters as long as the water is changed frequently enough.

    I thought the comment abou the pidly plant was amusing – especially when one of the written selling points id that the fish’s plants no lnger have to be boring.

    I think the design is interesing and can be improved on – though i’m one that would argue against the idea of ‘form beyond function” – it’s something that’s dwelling into the region of useless to merely appear pretty.
    to all designer out there: form follows function – do what needs to be done in an enovative and artistic manner, rather than just adding a flourish

  • Helina says:

    Although bugging PETA about this is a bit over the top (as they themselves usually are) it is a rather stupid design, especially for goldfish.

    Although betas tend to do alright in smaller spaces (you’d still need some system of cleaning, filtering and oxidization though) goldfish are unbelievably filthy fish. Without a proper filtering system you’d have to clean the tank/bowl/whatever out everyday, and even then the dang thing would die in a few weeks anyway. (Heck, carnval feeder-fish die if you look at them funny).

    This bowl is one of those things that looks neat in a picture, but lacks the glamor when youre flushing out the fourth goldfish that week and the bowl is fogged up and full of old fish poop.

    (Also, fish dont shrink, they just stay small depending on their tank size and amount of food.)

  • jimbo says:

    Ah, another fish death trap, and another designer who thinks he’s special. [email protected]

  • job says:

    In my openion i love that design, by the way you have to rethink about fish environment and amostphear also. i hope next time when you create the new collection you would rethink first. Cheerup

  • Hartigan says:

    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

  • lyn says:

    unique? please, a four year old could have came up with this….

  • Amanda says:

    Boy there are some negative nelsons on this forum. Joe… This is great! I am looking for something just like this. I want to create my own afforable centerpieces for my wedding. If you are looking for a market for these thats it! Throw an orchid in the middle and this is an elegant, simple, classy centerpiece. I would be interested in pricing about 20 of them when they are available. Good luck to you sir.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Why is everyone complaining? Why not just make the bowl BIGGER?

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