Cloud-shaped sugar cubes comes with magnetic grinder to regulate your intake

People have now become more conscious about their sugar intake given that diabetes and other related diseases have become much more prevalent. There are a lot of sugar alternatives and zero-calorie sugar options out there but sometimes, you still need something more than just that. Also, these sugar cube alternatives don’t always melt in iced coffee easily so some go to syrups or powders which are not always still the best options. So a sugar cube that can dissolve in anything and is still zero calories would probably be welcomed by those still needing a little sugar in their life.

Designer: Younghyun Kim and js C

Snowy is a cloud-shaped sugar “cube” that is packaged in a jar with the term “0 Kal” so that you won’t forget that it is the healthy kind of sugar. The playful shape is not just to make it fun but it also serves a purpose if you want to use the additional feature of the jar. There’s a magnet grinder included so holding a cloud is better than just a sugar cube or ball. The grinder is there so you can control how much sugar you want to put not just in your coffee but on your other food that you want to sweeten up.

They say the sugar cloud is also easily dissolvable in iced coffee if that’s the way you want to drink your coffee that way. However whether you drop it directly in your iced coffee or you use the grinder to be able to “shred” it onto your ice and therefore dissolve quickly, that is unclear. But either way, it is a better alternative to what’s currently in the market. And being able to control how much sugar you are able to put in your drinks or food is always a good thing.

Packaging it in a see-through jar with the label of 0 Kal and Stevia clearly visible as well is also a good idea as not only is it informative, it also shows off the design of the cubes themselves. The white cover and grinder adds to the minimalist and soft look of the sugar clouds. It’s a nice piece of kitchen accessory to have in your personal kitchen or at your coffee shop.