Robotic Fish Feeder, Because I’m Too Lazy

If you’ve got a big pond or lake with fish just swimmingly enjoying life, you may ask yourself why you have to be the one doing all the work. Fish have it made! They just swim and eat. The FIFER robot makes feeding one less item you need to worry about on your day to day tasks.

The floating feeder, planter module calculates the density of fish in water. It then dispenses the right amount of food but before doing so, it sends out sounds waves. The shoal soon associates the sound waves with food and before you know it, trained fish!

It goes one step further tho. The plant on top serves a purpose by symbiotically growing to represent the health of your fish. A great tool for organic fisherman who need an easy way to farm and monitor their investments. Unfortunately the same technology does not work for humans.

Designer: Ran Xiangfei