Blockenspiel…you know, for kids!

Bust out the aspirin and put down that toy AK-47 fully automatic machine gun you were thinking about buying Junior for his birthday and think about giving the gift of music. Check out the latest in getting your groove on like a tyke, this ‘AMK’ is a modular sound toy specially designed for preschool children. Kiddies can independently play and combine sounds through plugging these uniquely programmed music blocks. Designed by Berlin based PKNTS, this has my vote for a “minor” hit.

Designer: PKNTS Studio [ Video ]

In interaction with the computer, single sounds and entire sets can be transferred  to sound blocks.

The children can independently play and combine the sounds through plugging these blocks.


  • eric says:

    very cool

  • Monoverb says:

    How do i buy one?????

  • Manator Is Sorry says:

    Hm, it says Preschool children only – so obviously too old for my 2nd grader, but for my one who has yet gone into school, do you think it’d be too mature for her? But I must say, I really do like the Winterboot Gs on this page… very 5 year old chic…might get some of those.

  • zippyflounder says:

    LET THERE BE SILENCE…children should be seen not heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeadWriter says:

    Years ago, World Of Wonder, makers of Teddy Ruxpan and Laser Tag, had a few toys like this. One was a complicated little caterpillar for toddlers. I was smallish, but each segments had several buttons. Each segment was a sound, sound modifier, or caused a chain of changes. It was a complicated little toy.

    They also showed a sort of chainable device like this one that was completely modular. I think it was at a toy fair. Then the company disappeared.

    It also looks good as a gift for those “friends” who have kids.

  • Anonymouse says:

    Very innovative. A fantastic toy for kids.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Reminds me of those “Quick Connect” garden hose fittings.

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