This Futuristic AI Camera Accurately Measures Your Body Fat And Creates A Training Program In Seconds

Poised to be the future of workouts, the FitMe camera makes a bold claim – the tabletop camera system can gauge your body’s metrics through a mere visual scan, measuring your body fat, muscle mass, and workout efficacy for you. All you do is stand in front of it and it measures your health stats, tracking your workout progress to show you results and even guide you to living a healthy life. No trainer, no tape measure, and no before and after selfies. FitMe’s 3D scans provide a comprehensive breakdown of your health in ways that only AI can.

Designer: FitMe Design

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Looking almost like a slick vertical webcam, the FitMe camera sits on any tabletop surface, using an array of sensors to scan your body. A combination of cameras, stereo sensors, and IR dot projectors help the FitMe device capture a comprehensive full-body scan of you with over 900,000 depth points. The scan data then gets fed into FitMe’s trained AI model, which locally processes the data and calculates your body’s measurements with 98% accuracy. Running on technology developed in the MIT Sandbox, FitMe gives you analytical data your weighing scale or measuring tape cannot, while also providing a comprehensive AI-driven workout and nutrition plan based on your goals, whether it’s muscle growth, fat loss, strength-building, endurance, or recomposition.

FitMe arrives at perhaps the perfect time, following years of quarantining and a consolidated shift towards maintaining healthy lives. It also lines up perfectly with this AI boom we’re having, relying on an expertly tuned model that captures and analyzes 3D data to provide human-comparable results. Why? Because not everyone can afford a personalized trainer. For people looking to just get an expert opinion on how to upgrade their health, FitMe is a perfect, compact, no-nonsense solution, whether you’re a beginner, a fitness aficionado, or even an experienced athlete.

FitMe’s ecosystem can be separated into two parts – the hardware and the software. As far as the hardware goes, the FitMe camera looks like something you’d see from a high-end company like Apple or Bang & Olufsen. The slim vertical camera module comes in all-white, with a nickel-plated vertical stem. Housed within the camera module are multiple sensors quite like the ones you’d see in a 3D scanner or even your iPhone’s notch. The sensor array works in tandem to capture a highly detailed 3D model of you that gets stored and processed locally in the computer unit located in FitMe’s base. No data gets sent to the cloud, and all locally stored data is encrypted to prevent malicious actors from getting access to your data.

The software is FitMe’s secret sauce, because it takes that scanned data and turns it into accurate metrics and a customized health plan. A companion app for your smartphone helps you track your progress while reading all your metrics, from your fat percentage to muscle mass, and even accurate body measurements without needing to bust out a measuring tape. Moreover, the app doesn’t just supply analytics but also creates an actionable plan based on your goals. The FitMe app can formulate workout schedules, nutrition plans, learn your personal limits, and track your progress against them. The broader goal is to even boost your healthspan and lifespan by creating a fitness regimen that allows you to achieve health goals that help you stay healthier even in your elder years, giving you a better quality of life in the long run.

The FitMe team features a veritable who’s who of the AI and ML world, including engineers from MIT and UCLA with companies like Amazon and Intel on their resume. FitMe has also received multiple grants from MIT Sandbox, and comes backed by advisors/funders who have also helped build other health-tech brands like Peloton.

Each FitMe starts at $359 which includes the camera unit and a free 1-year membership to the FitMe app and AI trainer for 1 user. However, early backers can grab the camera unit and a lifetime membership to the app and AI trainer for $599, which also lets you add as many as 5 user profiles to the app, making it a great pick for families and friends who live/train together. FitMe’s hardware ships as early as December 2023, just in time for you to get ahead on those new year’s resolutions for 2024!

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $699 ($100 off). Hurry, 4/130 left!