Carga Bags Review

One of the most commonly asked questions I get are, “what’s a good bag?” That’s a loaded question. I answer, “it depends what you need it for.” As for me, I was on a quest to find a bag that was both stylish and functional. Carga Bags here I come.

So what is it I carry around? iPhone, wallet, checkbook, pen, pencil, graph paper, Nintendo DS, Nikon D40, Sigma 30mm lens, Nikkor 55mm lens, laptop and a book. Most designers I know just carry around a huge tote with no style or a traditional backpack which I despise. Most of the bags on the market fall into two categories; performance which usually means it’s made of tough synthetic materials like nylon, and luxe which I love but are not conducive to being thrown around.

Carga bags have several unique characteristics. First off, they’re made of industrial grade felt and leather. This stuff won’t rip unless you take a utility knife to it, yet it’s not scratchy or hard. In fact it’s very supple and soft. In lieu of stitching, they’re held together with aluminum rivets and grommets for an industrial look. Each bag is serialized so fakies beware. Carga 02 , a laptop sized messenger and Carga 03, a large duffle size are perfect for any discerning designer. Both are superbly constructed with a leather pouch inside for an iPhone sized device and a keyring. Carga 03 is especially cavernous – ample room to hold all my crap.

All Carga bags are painstakingly handcrafted by a family of artisans. Everything from the tannery process, to the eco-friendly vegetable dyes, to assembly and construction are worlds apart from the mass produced stuff you find in stores. Believe me when I say you know you’re holding quality. The heft and precision speak of old world craftsmanship – far superior than even the most expensive bags out there.

I knew I had a good bag after being stopped everywhere I went and I live in Los Angeles so bags are a dime a dozen. The fact that people noticed is a testiment to the kind of affluence Carga bags radiate. They’re instantly recognizable as high end and quality. I’m just happy I’ve found a bag that complements my design sensibility without sacrificing my utilitarian needs.

Carga has three sizes to choose from in felt ranging from $175 – $385 and leather versions going as high as $685.

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(Above: Carga 02 retailed at $245.00 USD)

(Above: Carga 03 retailed at $345.00 USD)

(Above: Interior pics)