This super-functional outdoor cloak transforms into a shelter to adapt to climate change!

Life is the best teacher, as long as you’re willing to listen. This is the backbone of designer Emi Tanimura’s design journey and what inspires her to create each of her designs. The award-winning designer of the ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show takes a very practical and multi-functional approach to each of her unique designs. The extreme everyday usability of her products, especially the Trent Tent, is what makes her stand out in the crowd of today’s designs.

The collection ‘Survivalist: Adapting to Change’ consists of transformable clothing designed for changing situations. It uses upcycled deadstock fabrics and technical materials (Gore-Tex) including waterproof, breathable, anti-tear & UV protective finishes made through sustainable materiality. Emi was inspired by a time she became estranged from her parents and was homeless. “I remember feeling a deep severity in a totally uncertain situation. I wanted to design garments that could quickly adapt, as to how I needed to during those difficult, unprecedented times,” she said and then used her personal experiences with being homeless to come up with an innovative solution for the community. Speaking of her creative motivation, Emi says, “As strange as this may sound, I find creative motivation through things that annoy me. I identify faults within the garments I personally wear and begin the creative process by scrutinizing and finding a better solution. For example, going back to the ‘Bomber Bag’, this was designed through my infuriation of having to carry around a jacket whenever I get too hot outside or in the underground. The solution: the jacket can quickly transform into a bag, providing the wearer with extra storage and comfort. I try to always add meaningful, functional elements to my designs.”

The built-in inflatable poles eliminate the hassle of carrying around heavy tent rods. The trench coat is designed to detach from the waist so that you are still left with a jacket to wear for when you want to leave the tent. Whether you are a doomsday believer, afraid and aware of the perils of climate change or someone who prefers to always be prepared, Emi has a solution that will keep you ready in case of any bad day that comes your way.

Designer: Emi Tanimura