Nintendo Wii 2010 Style

When it comes to the future of gaming, opposable thumbs are so passé. At least that is what the dreamers at T3 Magazine think when they started to commission future designs for their “future tech” feature. They are showcasing a Wii headset accessory that uses brainwaves to control characters and also features immersive in-ear headphones. They envision a streamlined Wii Remote with just the one button. Just point and press, and let your frontal lobes do the rest. All-in all, this is a cool idea, but I am looking more forward to a world filled with blue haired hotties praying to phallic symbols.


  • aUDRINA says:

    OMG!! it looks okay I guess…right? I expect it more sleeker and more futuristic…shiny.

  • Canastrophy says:

    That’s great! All it’s missing now are VR Glasses for a complete immersion!

  • zippyflounder says:

    gots to love having the budget for good photography and hoter than the sun models…..and yes it looks like “girls best freind” to me too.

  • igreenspot says:

    but what about the concept of mixing exercise and fun, I get the idea from wii sport and wii fit, but now this … I don’t see any exercises …

  • LeoNz says:

    Brain exercises perhaps?

  • Jade Doel says:

    Knock Knock! (someone’s at the door)….. “Hello…. What the hell is that on your head? I know what you’ve been doing!”
    I don’t think this has the same “Pick up and play” appeal that the current Wii console has but I love the controller design of this concept to pieces!

  • FLX says:

    I guess this means in 2010 hyperintelligent nerds will take over planet earth with their brainpower and hacked & modded wii-2s!!! Oh lord help!!!

  • Daimyo Nintendo says:

    We wont see anything like this until…I dont know 2050. The fact that Wii is having problems with storage, rather the lack of, I dont think anything so grandiose will happen to a Nintendo console anytime soon. Imagination and hoping it will happen is fun and interesting but this is just concept here and now in 2008 is just bloody stupid. We had concepts like this more or less for Wii back in 2004 and 2005 that stupid On Nintendo thing.

  • Thera says:

    I’d definitly buy the headset ^^)

  • troy says:

    Finally a joystick for women that’s guaranteed to hit their g-spot!
    Does it vibrate?

  • lovejoy says:


  • Minas says:

    Looks cool but definitely Nintendo will not come up something like this

  • Lan says:

    More like brain cancer then exersize i would imagen

    • Eric says:

      It’s not like a cell phone I hope you know. This thing reads electric pulses your brain gives off. Absolutely NO signal of any kind leaves diodes. They only ready information, and transfer the data received. I find it very hard to imagine doctors discontinuing their use in every hospital where they are, and have been used, for decades due to a person’s fear of “invisible” signals causing cancer.

    • i love games says:

      lol i kno rite

  • lacy says:

    an on/off button for vibrate

  • Will says:

    Has anyone read the manga Death Jam? This reminds me of that and the borg from star trek…*attacked by cyborg goombas*

  • FIREFENIX says:

    Annyone can tell me where will be the batteries on the head set?


    i know that thats the most extense information about wii2 but thats not real… no way for this… we wont be able to have fun with that we just will be all the day with headheches and stress… so go to play your wii and have fun, cause if that can exist it will be real in 2013-2016 but not now…

    PD: the mind game control is just a new tecnology in experimenting situation and it won’t be never perfet cause of the diferent information that can be taked from the human mind… so don’t believe in this…

  • Michael says:

    it looks awesome but kinda weird to where that in
    front of my gf

  • Lissu says:

    very cool! 😀

  • anusone says:

    the head part is good all they just need is to make something like gloves and shoes or socks.

  • Ulfen says:

    interesting to see how the wii might evolve to this state. but the headset might not go down well with many users. especially with those who are afraid to mess up their hair.

  • Brightneon says:

    C’mon, this is photoshop or picture modding. controlling a game with your brain…
    what I see more probable is 1:1 controls (wii motion +). that’s enough for me

  • i love games says:

    great. when ever u buy something, a better version comes out. O wel…
    and to me it looks fake
    i’ll stick to me old wii =]

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  • bob says:

    Looks like this was all bullshit.

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