Squeeze Me and Beat Me

We all have pressure sometimes since we have to face different kinds of challenges and obstacles every day. When the pressure is too much, we experience stress. Sweety is a virtual character who helps people understand where their stress is coming from and what they can do to conquer it in a friendly and cuddly way.

Sweety is your 24 hours a day listener. It listens to all your crap as a real life friend would (but probably better) and helps you analyze your stress with visible calm and beautiful graphic patterns. By exposing the cause of your stress it is easier to find a way to relieve it.

Depending on the growth of the graphic patterns, Sweety will also invite you to play interactive games by manipulating its soft body. When the pressure is on and the stress is too much, just squeeze and beat the hell out of it. Now that’s WAY more than a human friend would let you do.

Designer: Haishu Zhang


  • ModuleS says:

    a MUST in any work place.

  • Christine Chung says:

    lol…can u say loner?

    • So says:

      Why loner?

      • Christine Chung says:

        I think emotional issue should be resolved with actual warm hearted human not some machine that’ll show no respond to the stress. People learn to deal with problem by encountering them and resolve them. I think this machine may results our society towards more anti-social problem.

  • zen says:

    the red color of the toy maybe show you on an ultra stress mood…nice idea

  • carl says:

    just an idea, try talking to a human. can an innaminate object help. like the virtual pet its shocking there are so many unwanted pets in the world.

    a problem shared is a problem halved. so get a life and go and chat to your neibhbor.

    • Hippy says:


      so get a life and go and chat to your neibhbor

      I tell all my troubles to a garden rake. I understand now this is wrong. I need a friend to break me of my rake habit.

      With your condescending tone, bad spelling (even for an American) and inability to see the funny side you’re obviously a supremely caring and sensitive person. Will you be my neighbour and let me tell you about my crack cocaine and pithy blog comment addictions?

    • aUDRINA says:

      Sometimes you just can’t tell a human about a very serious thing u wanna let out…

  • igreenspot says:

    well hello, this reminds me so much of CJ7, except this gadget doesn’t have sweet eyes

  • tomking says:

    Designer: Haishu Zhang,obviously ,it is designed by a chinese .

  • Lim says:

    Using this will really make me a loner… Lol

  • Shiella says:

    I better talk to a friend. Not so sure if it could gives good advice.

  • Daaaaad says:

    Very nice design… Will this object be commercialized ?

  • John says:

    Is it just me or does this thing look like Kenny from South Park?

    OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY !!! You Ba$tards

  • Dom says:


  • Stranger says:

    amazing. It is just good for people who are not comfortable with sharing their thoughts with others. Everyone is different, it might not be useful for u, but it could be useful for the others. Yes, it may create more barrier within the communication relationship with others, but i guess this soft toys cant do the damage that the technology & internet have done to the world.

  • Dom says:


  • Alee says:

    Can you tell me where can i buy?and how much is it? Thanks!!


    deseo saber costos y envio a ecuador


    deseo saber costos y envio a ecuador

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