Freedom To Draw, To Create, To Rest My Hand On The iPad

We are well aware that Adonit is set on making tools that help creative people stay creative, even on the go. With our increased dependency on tablets like the iPad and innovative apps, drawing and sketching on using technology is a natural extension of who we are now. The latest Jot 4 Stylus overcomes many of the obstacles that were posed earlier, thanks to innovative solutions like Palm Rejection.

With the goal to remove barriers that limit thought and creation, Adonit strives to make drawing on the iPad, as natural as possible. One of the problems that most users faced was the inability of the iPad to allow the resting of the palm on the screen while drawing. This is mainly because the iPad is designed to be used by stubby fingers and not precise tools like the Adonit Jot. To overcome this hurdle and make sketching as intuitive as possible, Palm Rejection has been introduced. What this means is that the Jot Touch 4 lets you rest your hand on the screen as you work. The only thing that will make a line is your stylus. It’s time to draw like you’re used to.

In fact the Jot 4 is the first stylus to get 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity on the iPad. With Bluetooth 4.0, this new Jot Touch helps delivers the best looking and most natural lines. The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can’t and the precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. If you ask my honest opinion, then the Jot is the most precise stylus I have used thus far. The the ballpoint precision and quality is something that Adonit Jot Styluses are known for!

Here is a list of Jot Touch compatible apps that keeps growing even as we speak! One last thing… when paired with Bluetooth 4 devices, the new Jot Touch gets up to 1 month of battery life on a single charge!

Designer: Adonit [ Buy it Here ]

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