Restless Leg Syndrome is Real!

Let’s face it, our hands get all the fun. From playing with our food, to playing with our favorite person, our hands get all the digit action. Maybe it’s the lack of an opposable thumb but our feet sure could use some good healthy play time themselves. Enter “The Webble” by BriteObjects, the world’s first active footrest device. Previously seen HERE as a concept, The Webble is a great under the desk exercise device to keep your bored stems movin’ and groovin’. Made of a flexible mesh membrane floating on ultra smooth casters, you can either elevate your tired feet or pretend to be swooshing down the slopes of the Swiss Alps free styling the whole way down. Available in August for about $139.95. Not a bad price for happy feet.

Designer: BriteObjects [ Product Page ]


  • Shiella says:

    I’m not really sure about the benefit of this tool. If we want to move our foot why don’t just take walk around while looking for some fresh air…

  • MissyMoss says:

    I want one SO badly. Right now. Please.

  • Kistune says:

    I’m restless when I’m sitting at the desk, so I’d like something like that to help me channel my energy out 😀

  • ModuleS says:

    you know at a price tag of $140.00 USD is going to have a limited market…. I would have bought it if it was in the $50 at MAX. Oh well I guess I’ll have to wait until some Chinese firm decides to make a exact copy of it.

  • igreenspot says:

    $139.95, hm…no thanks, i prefer walking …

  • C.rad says:

    just a good looking skateboard… lol.
    139.95 can get me a better looking one.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    let’s grooving~!

  • M72 says:

    You can’t walk during work (in civilized world) so benefits of such thing are obvious. But 140 dollars? aw- that’s too much. And waiting for some Chinese company till it makes exact copy -well it won’t! It will never be as good as original.

    • No says:

      Uh what?

      WHAT does this have to do with Restless Legs Syndrome? It’s bad enough we sufferers have to deal with the flack from an arrogant public because of pharmaceutical ads that make us look like crackpots.

      But jumping on that bandwagon to sell a foot-play device for BORED people, who can stop moving their legs any time, any place, without pain, tightness, and the loads of other discomforts we can’t even put into words. That’s wrong, for shame.

      • No says:

        P.S I know this is posted as a reply to M72, but apparently the straight posting form does nothing (nice coding geniuses) so I had to hit reply on one of the already posted comments

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