Sneakart Lets Your Customize Your Kicks

Sneakart has launched a revolutionary sneaker customization concept for footwear enthusiasts. Using new ‘sneakskin’ technology, sneakart has created a simple and cost-effective way to change the look of your sneakers with a minimum of fuss. Sneakskin is a type of sticker film that you can apply to shoes like an ordinary sticker and it will flex and move as though part of the leather.

With a huge range of premium pattern designs and stickers, you can change your sneakers to look however you want while keeping them looking factory fresh. If you have an artistic streak, you can even upload your own artwork and receive it to apply to your own sneakers in a matter of days.

To experience this new way of sneaker customization, visit their website and browse stickers and patterns to see how they would appear on shoes of different sizes. Upload your own artwork for production on sneakskin, share photos of your customized shoes and much more. Sneakart also ships worldwide for a flat rate.

Sneakart Ltd is a innovative sneaker customization business based in the UK and founded by ex-adidas and Puma designers. Using quality artwork and our revolutionary ‘sneakskin’ material, we design and produce state-of-the-art patterns and stickers for application onto trainers and sneakers.

To promote sustainability, we also want to encourage the re-use of old footwear that can be given new life with the use of our product.