MINI is so last year… Meet TINY!

If an Adidas running shoe and a drop of rain wanted to design a lightweight, eco-friendly urban vehicle, what would that look like? The M-112 is an urban concept car prototype design by Ignacio Garcia might be a good start. As part of the EcoCustom Team that took part in the last Shell Eco Marathon 2008 in France, the Spanish designer set out to prove that super-duper small car design does not have to be comical or embarrassing. Now if they can work out their engine woes, they might see a tiny little trophy for their efforts.

Designer: Ignacio Garcia


  • JT says:

    Well, nice.

    But as an URBAN vehicle, it would work much much better if it stood “upright”, not flat on the ground. For two main reasons:
    – Less surface required for parking, etc. with the same inner space.
    – More vision of the traffic going around the driver.Very important, It isn’t really nice to sit between to bigger cars, don’t seeing anything else. It’s like driving your normal car between two huge lorries.

    And above all: the only “eco-friendly” URBAN vehicle is called a “bike”. Everything else is a waste of time and energy, a smart lie. Think about it 😉

    • TH says:

      There’s a balance to be found between surface area and driving stability. I suppose this design is very lightweight, so having it upright would make the centre of gravity quite high, making it unstable.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you about the bike-thing, though. 🙂

  • igreenspot says:

    Great car, but it looks like big people are going to have difficulties to go inside the vehicle

  • WolfDog says:

    can anyone please tell me a site to know more about the car as the ecocustom team link above is in a foreign language and makes my eyes hurt.

  • MINIX00 says:

    this is sooo cool

  • koffie says:

    Hmm while it looks cute, the “does not have to be comical” sounds like a far stretch, it DOES look comical, but in a good way, the nose reminds me of a bugatti veyron adapted for kids to make it look less agressive… The nose could use some detailing, looks a bit ’empty’. Adding a subtle grill or logo would make it look much better/more muscled I think.

  • Mark Flavin says:

    Cool car but crappy reporting. Engine type? Fuel type? What is the Shell Eco Marathon 2008? Duh! Try basic reporting of what, where, when and how, why.

    • We are not journalist or an auto blog and only feature designs. We do not talk about engines and their performance specs. Besides, the makers of this car did not provide us with any technical specifications. 😉

      Thanks for reading.

  • pics says:

    wow! perfect! even if I like only big cars – i drive incide this one with a pleasure! 🙂

  • sz says:

    woow! awesome car! I like your way of creativity, great job!!

    congratulations!!! keep going =)

  • agrees says:

    The German designer Luigi Colani has bveen designing small city cars like this since the 1970’s

  • Kris says:

    Uglier less practical rip off of the Corbin merlin. Nice Idea but nothing new as I see it. Plus I think i’d like to be in a regular sized car if in an accident, in this thing you would most certainly die or be horribly maimed.

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