Tiles to make you Smile

Tiles have been a common medium for expression for thousands of years. From Picasso’s baboon tile that I had the privilege to briefly posses to roman mosaics, tile art is wonderful way to express your unwavering and permanent devotion to the visual arts. Pun Collection Tiles by Stefano Pirovano for Ascot Ceramiche is a new/old way to commit to any message you want to get across. I would consider spelling out something a little more abstract to confuse people as they leave the room, eg. “See reverse for other side…”.

Designer: Stefano Pirovano [ Via: Trendir ]


  • Lim says:

    Im don’t know about what you guys think for this, but i see many problems here… Things like visibility and maintanance it self…

  • Shiella says:

    Will make me stay longer in the bath room to read them all 🙂

  • Christine says:

    I think this is awesome for the domestic use! Though personally I don’t think it provides much use (not like I need a sign to point me to my own bathroom) but it’s rather fun. It reminds me of those magnetic word pieces you stick on your fridge to create some random sentence.

    I’d like to see a famous quote and inspiring phrases permanently embossed into my walls.

  • Sketchee says:

    I don’t know that I need to have the soap shelf labeled, but maybe it would guilt me into putting things where they belong

  • mehul says:

    The embossed tiles are really magnificent. I love it…

  • DGruber says:

    Simple but cute.
    Isn’t enough words said outside of the bathroom?
    I want to put on wall, HAVE A NICE DAY!

  • Mehul says:

    The designs are timeless and really worth consideration for new assignments.

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