Clip-on Tea Infuser Classier Than A Clip-on Tie

On Saturday, April 5, the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) presented its Student Merit Award to Paul Sukphisit, a senior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The presentation was the highlight of the 2008 IDSA Northeast District Conference, which was held in Philadelphia. Sukphisit, along with national award winners from four other districts, will present his work at the IDSA’s national conference this September in Phoenix.

One of Sukphisit’s projects is a fully reconceived tea infuser. His prototype addresses a number of problems with infusers currently on the market, such as water dripping from the infuser onto the counter and surrounding surfaces; the infuser falling into the cup while brewing; and multiple parts that require regular cleaning. The drip-catching clip functions as a stand and graphic brand identifier. The overall form is marriage of functionality and elegance.

Designer: Paul Sukphisit