Dragonfly proves that tactile switches aren’t going anywhere


While companies are investing in voice-assisted homes where you can simply control lights by talking to them, New Deal Design’s Dragonfly switches (developed exclusively for Dragonfly Investment Group’s properties) show that tactile controls can and will always provide an experience that’s much more relatable and fulfilling to a user. Deviating from the traditional concept of switches, Dragonfly relies on touch-sensitive switchboards and a connected system that lets you intuitively control your lights.

The switchboards feature a backlit display with different columns for different rooms in the house. These columns are ‘filled with light’ and can be dragged up or down, adjusting the room’s brightness by simply quantifying light itself. Sliding your finger upwards along the column lets it fill up with light, and makes the room in question brighter. Individual columns control individual rooms, and Dragonfly switchboards are placed in every room, allowing you to, from wherever you are, control all the lights in your home. So you don’t need to go to the kitchen to A. notice that the lights are on, and B. switch them off… you can do that from your bedroom itself, or any other room in the house. The animated display makes controlling your lights intuitive, and much more fun than telling Alexa to switch your lights on or off. It provides visual feedback that completes the experience for the user. What’s more is that Dragonfly can be automated to follow broader tasks too, like switching off all the lights when you leave your home!

Designer: New Deal Design for Dragonfly Investments Group