Old / New Phone

They are getting older by the second. That massive batch of the baby boomer generation adults is about to become the largest group of elderly the world will ever see in its history. Companies are scrambling to come out with products and services to appeal to this post world war 2 generation of increasingly confused citizens. The “EMC” (easy mobile calling) phone by designer Matthias Pinkert might just be what the doctor ordered. This phone features four keys for direct calling, one-touch calling, GPS tracking, for when grandma is too loopy to tell where she is, a built in speaker phone and even comes with a laniard to wrap around(choke) grandma’s neck to avoid misplacing it in the refrigerator, next to the pickles.

Designer: Matthias Pinkert


  • Lim says:

    I dont see any solutions and new here… But i do saw other design that is better then this..

    The given pictures tell nothing other then the details of the phone….

    • Christine says:

      I completely agree and the pictures here do not show the product’s use cycle in any way or show anything useful for that matter.

  • zippyflounder says:

    As one of the younger boomers, and a product designer with 30 years in harness all I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME. I tossed my blackberry as unusable, same with 99% of the “features” on most modern phones (texting you got to be kidding). Give me a phone that works well, has a UI that is USEABLE with out digging out my reading glasses and I am happy. That simple request lead to 2 phones, the Iphone and the cricket. I have a cricket (as a designer I love to be unique 🙂 and how more avantgard than a mobile phone that is only a phone in this day of a zillion functions). I might upgrade to the iphone, might not if some others follow the lead and produce products for my demographic (whom has a shit load of money).

  • Dev says:

    it looks good, more like headphone than a phone

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