Treo meets iPhone

There is soon to be a flood of new mobile phones to hit the street using Google’s new open source Android OS platform. RKS design consultants of southern California have just introduced their entry into this soon-to-be-ubiquitous mobile platform with this “Mimique” design. Touting its ability to be easily customizable, and looking very much like a Treo with an iPhone touch surface, this phone concept deserves some attention, but I can’t help feel that they really failed to find a unique aspect. What do you think?

Designer: RKS Design


  • Nacon says:

    Yeahhhh… I don’t think you’ll get a screen like that without any frame around it.

    I’m guessing the artist didn’t even see how LCD touch screen works.

    • ian says:

      you are obiously missing the point
      invetion requires looking beyond, better put past, whats possible and focusing on whats desirable. Think Lisa, IPhone, etc…

  • hey says:


  • Lim says:

    Hmm… Another iPhone Styling works…. But, i think i quite like this haha…

  • wolfenstein-3d says:

    Should i feel bad for liking this idea? An entirely open source phone that’s entirely touch-screen based. I would buy one!

  • zenpoet says:

    Love the design, but anything other than black or silver will just make it look like a “my first phone” type toy.

  • Zaxxon Q Blaque says:

    NICE! Sign me up! ^_^

  • Lucian says:

    Very cool, I love the look. I really want a phone I can easily write software for.

    Why is the camera not on the antenna thingy? It would never be near fingers.

    • 0x0065 says:

      Good call Lucian

      The ‘designer’ has no hope of getting the ‘documentation team’ to return the screen up the ‘aerial’ like that. If you think about it for a second, even if it could be done, would it be sensible given the resultant increase in price, and that the whole point is to make the phone customisable…

      …& guess what would break.

      I mean even a multi-coloured LED in the ‘aerial’ would be more functional or (dare I suggest) an aerial.

      • Lucian says:

        It could only be done (within reason) with two lcds, a small one on the aerial. There’s not much point though. It’s perfectly fine with a rectangular display.

        And yes, that is the best place to put an aerial. For obvious reasons.

  • Leah says:

    Awesome design! Good job RKS, I’ll take 3… 🙂

  • JPGR says:

    Book it! I’m in.

  • ANoel says:

    Brilliant little make-it-what-you-will design.
    Cute as a belly-button power switch, plus the analog charm Addy mentioned.
    The simplicity itself form factor makes this the first really comfortable cellphone I’ve seen.

    • Clarify says:

      hmmmm why do i get the feeling most these comments are from people associated to RKS?

  • aquazone says:

    Калькулятор от APPLE )))

  • Milla Valkeasuo says:

    Nice style.

  • p says:

    well technically, the active touchscreen doesn’t have to extend up into the aerial space, it could just stop short of it and retain a more traditional rectangular shape. But i do like how the entire surface is done in a gloss black.

    As for the aerial shape itself, it may not be functional at all (however i do agree with Lucian that the camera should be placed there) but I don’t think that’s the point….I just like how it mimics phones of the past despite it’s cutting-edge technology.

    I don’t necessarily want another rectangle for a phone….and I don’t necessarily want another grey or black one either….I think its a hip, smart form for a phone that is successful in not conforming to an “over-apple-ized” device market.

  • RT says:

    where is speaker and microphone..or BT handsfree?

  • Rubii says:

    I can’t decide either getting this phone, or the LG Prada.

  • powaz says:

    Yeah….. we’ll see how not buggy google’s mobile platform is. so far, not so good. the mobile design leaves a bit to be desired, but not horrendous. but get used to it. buttons are disappearing like pay phones.

  • Lolly says:

    I like it 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Beautiful! I like it 😀

  • Amy :] says:

    where in the world is the website where u can buy it? because i cannot find one ANYWHERE!!
    help pleez !!

  • Rafael says:

    awsome i’ll definetly change my iphone for this one let me know when this phone will get to the stores!!

  • Errol Wilson says:

    Olá muito bonito mesmo tenho um Palm Tréo , mas se vc me mandarem um de presente eu ficaria maravilhado e faria a maior propaganda do produto aqui no Brasil !!!

    Abraço e aguardo um de presente.

    Errol Wilson Santos
    Rua Antonio Rodrigues Moreira Neto,201 Bloco B Apto 34 – Jd. Paulicéia -Campinas S.P -Brasil
    Cep 13059-060

  • NATALY says:


    • NATALY says:



  • tuan says:

    Ugly look! It’s not worth being in the Yankodesign site!

  • saintjam says:

    awesome.looking sport-line.

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