Touchy Feely Phones

Those lovable Finns at Nokia really want you to get in touch with our emotions and believe that your mobile phone is a great start to get you there. They are introducing a design exhibit showcasing the future of mobile phones at this year’s New York Design Week. Design firm Provoke worked with Nokia to make a conceptual study showing where mobile phone trends are heading in 4 years. The most notable three concepts are being called “Express”, “Feel” and “Share”. The “Express” basically allows you to customize the user interface…been there, done that. The “Feel” is said to allow users to literally send tactile simulated touch messages. Uh, and if it’s an unwanted caller, is that sexual harassment? And lastly, the “Share” concept is just a combination Twitter and Myspace integration for “like minded” individuals. All in all, these concepts are lovely to look at, but as for their purpose and functionality? I guess you had to be there.

Designer: Provoke Studio [ Via: Engadget ]

Express your mood with illumination

Some people prefer to express their emotions through unique symbols carried with them in everyday life. Could future devices enable new ways to support this behavior and help them gain the social status they crave for?

The Express concept enables the user to enhance his/her current mindset instantly by totally transforming the habitu̩s of the device Рchanging the color will be possible electronically. The pace and intensity of visual contrast between the different states can be customized to suit personal liking.

Share urban extreme sport challenge

Technology will enable new forms of intellectual networking and augmented reality. The Share concept enables communication and sharing of information through personalized codes formed in subgroups of likeminded individuals.

By tagging content to locations, group members can challenge each other. Actual and virtual worlds will blur. In this example, the Share concept is customized for skateboarders.

Feel the touch of your loved one

Touching is a very intense and personal form of communication. People share their deepest feelings by touching. Feel is a phoneset concept for couples. Tactile sharing trough simulated touch. Real physical communication – what if you could touch your loved one via your mobile phone?

In the future, the user interface will eventually step out of the display. Feel has a specialized user interface and touch simulation to enable deep communication.


  • arabAquarius says:

    You can not say “those lovable Finns at Nokia”. These are by Provoke Design, which are one of the design contractors for Nokia. But not all their designs are for Nokia. Neither all Nokia designs are by them. They are presenting the models in the exhibit under their own name, so do not congratulate Nokia…

    • Clarify says:

      I dont think he was really “congratulating” Nokia or anyone else. It seems like he thought these concepts were just pretty to look at and nothing more.

  • zippyflounder says:

    Give me ONE phone, with a good UI and a size that is functional for a adult over 45…PLEASE, oh thats right apple did….

  • Stephy says:

    i want these phones, the first or third!
    they are so beautifully designed,
    most likely because they are nokia.
    everything i ever get from nokia is amazing and brilliant c:
    honestly, does anyone know if these are on the market yet?
    or where i can purchase one? c:

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