Green Sailboat

Your little schooner (aka; sailboat) sure is lovely for cruising the open waters and enjoying natures majesty. But did you realize that sailboats can be one of the worst offenders of the green movement? It’s true. With the amount of fiberglass, epoxy chemicals, high end woods and pretty much a ton of non-sustainable materials it takes to make one of these floating works of art, the only real way to recycle a boat is by sinking it and making it an artificial reef. The “3D Plywood Boat” by Max Koriath hopes to change all that. By using a patented new process that applies a beech wood veneer to readily available plywood parts, this design gives you all the luxury and durability of more costly woods without putting a strain on world supplies. This is a modular concept, allowing for a cost effective manufacturing process.

Designer: Max Koriath


  • zippyflounder says:

    couple of problems here, first the beech wood needs some sort of resin, and that generaly is expoy making this just another “west” boat. If it is using phenolic, then wood rot is very likely. The use of a inverse bow may look sexy but makes for a very very wet ride as well as being a boat killer if you hit any sort of trash in the water (log). Again, a boat by a designer, pretty but not seaworthy.

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